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This beautiful actress is the Xerox of Deepika Padukone

dupicate of deepika padukone

Nowadays duplicate of real person is very normal. It is said that a person has many number of duplicates in the world. Sometimes when we see them then it becomes difficult to believe that duplicate is also available in the world. Bollywood celebrity’s duplicates are also available. They look like their Xerox.

It became hard to find differences between the real and duplicates. We see many duplicates of Sharukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and many more. Today you all get surprise to see the duplicate of Deepika Padukone. She looks as same as Deepika.

People believe that Hollywood actress Irina Shayak is the duplicate of Deepika. But the real duplicate is not Irina, it is south actress Amala Paul. It is very difficult to find differences between them. As we know that Deepika is one of the top and famous actress of Bollywood.

Amala is not a common girl. She is one of the south actress. She looks like twin sister of Deepika. Amala is very happy to know that she is compare with Deepika. She is one of the famous actress of tamil, telugu and Malayalam movies.

In 2011 during the shooting of Shdeiva Thirumgalsh she gets close with its director. Then on 26 April 2014 she accepts her relationship. And then on 7 June 2014, she gets engaged with him and then after 5 days she gets married with him. but her marriage did not become successful and in 2016 they get separated.


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