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This girl, standing as the shadow of Salman’s for 20 years, can’t saved him from the punishment

salmaan khan

Salman khan known as the Dabangg khan of Bollywood always discussed in the media due to certain reasons. Nowadays his 20 years old case hearing was held in Jodhpur court. In which it is declared that Salman will go behind the bars for 5 years and a penalty of rupees 10000 will also charge.

Actually in 1998 during the shooting of “Hum Saath Saath Hain” he shot two black deer’s in the forest. Due to which people of Bishnoi community in Rajasthan filed a case against Salman and rest of his co stars in the police station. Salman had to go jail for two times during the hearing of this case. First time Salman was behind bars for five days and in second time he was behind the bars for six days.

It is said that when Salman was behind the bars then his sister Alvira Khan was always with him like a shadow. She helped him in any manner she could. It is also found that Alvira is always with Salman whenever he required her. When Salman was behind the bars for six days then Alvira also stayed with him and after getting bail they both come together in Mumbai. But now when Salman was sentenced to jail for 5 years she was not able to do anything to save him.

During the hearing of the case Salman’s family was with him along with his sister Alvira in Jodhpur. It is also said that Alvira is the only one who talk with Salman’s lawyer Hastimal Saarsvat all the time to know information first.

It is also said that when Alvira was in England when she get the information about Salman hearing. Then she leaves all her work and reach Jodhpur and first met with her lawyer. But she gets no benefit and Salman is sent in jail.


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