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Salman Khan released from jail, he will again appear in court at 7 may

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It is a celebrating moment for the whole Bollywood and Salman’s fans. As all we know that Salman was sentenced to jail for five years for the poaching of deer’s. Due to which whole Bollywood and his fans were in shocked. But now there is good news for all that Salman get bail and now he is out from the jail.

He was departed from the Jodhpur airport in his chartered plane to Mumbai. Two personal bonds of 50 thousand rupees have been granted for his bail. Raj Kumar Shukla, the business man in Jodhpur is the security who paid 25 thousand and Champaklal Soni is the second security who paid another 25 thousand to the court for the bail of Salman. After getting bail, lawyer of Salman said that now they got justice.

The lawyer of Bishnoi Community said that Salman cannot leave the country without the order from the court. He has to appear again in court on 7 may.

News comes that Salman was getting VIP treatment inside the jail. But all this news is rejected by the jail officer. He said that Salman was getting the same food as rest of the criminal get. They also said that no selfie is taken inside the jail. Among this, it is said that Salman’s first night in jail was spent in discomfort. He also talked with the criminal Asharam who was also kept inside the jail for his dirty crimes.

Lawyer said that Salman should also get the benefits of doubt as rest of his co stars get. The decision of this case came after 20 years. These 20 years are not less than punishment for Salman.

In barrack no.2 in which Salman was kept for two days was kept in high security. No common person is kept inside it. Only those persons are kept that requires high security. Salman was given 106 no. in jail. His first was spent in discomfort. He walks whole night. He slept at 3:30 in morning and wake up at 8:00 in morning. At Friday morning, he drinks tea with sweet oat meal. Then at afternoon he refused to eat normal food that criminals eat there. He also refused to wear the clothes that criminals wore.


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