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Salman and Asharam Bapu has common disease due to which they have the risk to go in coma

Salman and Asharam Bapu

As all we know that Salman is released from jail today. And there is the atmosphere of happiness all around. Everyone is very happy for Salman. According to the court he has to appear in the court on May 7. But till 7 may all the clouds of sadness are removed from the life of Salman.

All of us know about Salman very well. He is the most popular actor of Bollywood. He is known as the Dabbangg Khan of Bollywood. In real life he is very helpful and of kind nature. He helps many actors and actress in their first film debut. Today we tell all of you about a disease from which Salman is suffering.

Asharam Bapu also has this disease. This disease is very dangerous so it is also known as suicidal disease. People suffering from it even decide to commit suicide due to the pain. Salman told about it during the shooting of film Tubelight. He said that he is suffering from Trigeminal neuralgia disease. Along this he also said that he is also suffering from facial disorder disease. Due to this disease there is acute pain in the patient’s face and suddenly sensation starts. A person suffering from this neurological disease seems to be committing suicide because of acute pain. Asharam is also suffering from this disease.

Doctors have given advice to not take stress to Salman. Because it will direct effect on the veins of Salman’s face. And the situation is such that Salman may have to go to coma. Due to this disease Salman is strictly order to not perform the more beaten and long jump stunts.

Salman had also done a surgery to get rid from it. But despite this, he is not completely healthy.


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