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Oh my god! What Sonam did during her Varmala due to which her mother scolds her

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Recently the news of wedding of Sonam Kapoor are getting viral. The pics and videos are sharing in a very high speed in the social media. Everyone is excited to see how the wedding was completed.

As we know that, now Sonam Kapoor becomes Mrs. Ahujha. Sonam and Anand were dating each other for a very long time. So, their bonding becomes too strong that we can easily see it in every ritual of their wedding. Their wedding was completed in Punjabi rituals. Sonam and Anand was so happy in their wedding. Because their love is now turned in a strong bond.

Nowadays the video of their Jaimala is getting viral. In the video Sonam did such a thing that her mother scolds her. As all we know that when a girl and a boy date each other for such a long time then their bond becomes too strong. Same thing happened with Sonam and Anand. Their bond becomes too strong that their happiness is overflowing. In the excitement Sonam did such a mistake that she was scolds by her mother.

Actually during Varmala, when Sonam’s mother asked who will put the varmala first. Then Sonam suddenly said “Me” and put the varmala on Anand. Due to which her kareele get trapped in the dress of Anand. Then Sonam said “Babu Sorry”. Then her mother Sunita Kapoor said to her not to speak Babu. Said only “Aap”. In this Sonam said “Ok Aap”.
Then Anand turns came. When he was putting the varmala on Sonam then she starts giving direction to him. then someone says from behind Sonam stop giving direction to him. To protect Sonam, Anand said that he had asked from her. On this again someone says that he is too protective for Sonam. So, this is what happened during their Varmala.

Now let’s see the video-


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