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This is the actress with whom Mika Singh wants to get marry but when truth comes out then it does not happen

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As all we know that music is the part of everyone’s life. There is no one who does not want to listen it. It is one of the way to get relax. But everyone choice is different in listening music. Some likes to listens English song, some like to listens Hindi song and some want to listens Punjabi song. But there are many songs which are like by everyone.

Songs sung by Mika Singh are one of the songs which are like by everyone. Everyone enjoys his songs. He starts his career in singing by the Punjabi song Saavan which becomes super hit. Earlier he sings only Punjabi song but then he gets offer to sing in Bollywood movies. And then he rocks and makes huge fans.

It is also very surprising that Mika is not married. He is bachelor till now. But news comes that he likes this hot and gorgeous Bollywood actress. Now he decided to get married and he also declared to all his fans that soon they will get to see him with his wife. In a interview when he was asked about which type of girl he want to get married then he replies that he wants to get married with Urvashi Rautela.

Urvashi is one of the most bold and beautiful actress of Bollywood. Now the questions arise that Urvashi also wants to get married with Mika. In an interview when she was asked about her not getting married then she replies that she will thinks about it after the marriage of her cousin brother and sister.

It is also seen that between Mika and Urvashi there is the age difference of seventeen years. And many people believes that this news is only rumor.


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