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Little girl cried and stop eating for the Salman getting convicted

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As there is no doubt that Salman is the most popular actor in Bollywood. Everyone likes him. He is the favorite of every age group either old or young. Everyone loves him.

As all we know that 20 years pending case was going on Salman whose hearing was done on Thursday and Salman was sentenced to go behind the bars for 5 years. It was very shocking for the Bollywood and his fans. Everyone prays for his bail. No one wants that Salman go to jail.

Similarly a video is going viral in which a 6 years old small girl is crying over Salman getting convicted. She was crying badly for him. She said that she will not eat anything unless Salman get bail. Not only this, she also said that she will not go to school till he comes out. It is also seen in the video that her mother is continuously convincing her to eat food. But she refused her. She was innocently saying that other criminals get bail easily from the jail but why Salman was getting the punishment of five years for such a small thing.

Really how innocent she is saying. So we can see that Salman fan following is very large. Everyone likes him. He is the real superstar of Bollywood.

But it is said that god always listen the prayers of child. So god listen her prayer and Salman is finally get bail and he is now in Mumbai. But he was asked to appear again in the court at 5 may. If Salman did not get bail then there will be a loss of 600 crores because Salman is engaged in many projects. Recently his big projects are Race 3, Bharat and Dabbang 3. And his new show Dus Ka Dam is also launching.


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