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Know more about IMDB


Most of the people is familiar with word IMDB. Most of you have listen this word but did not know about it properly. So today this post will make you completely familiar with IMDB. It will help you to learn more about IMDB and its full form.

When we decide to watch a movie then we first check the review of the movie because if movie is not good then our precious time will waste. And in spite of becoming entertained we become frustrated. Most of the people use IMDB website to collect information about movie release date, box office collection, TV shows, videos, games, actors, directors or film industry professionals.

Let’s know about it-

IMDB stands for “Internet Movie Database”. Don’t get worry with its full form it also gives information related to TV shows, games or its related professionals.

It was first published in internet by a computer programmer Col Needham in 1990. Then in 1998 it was purchased by owner, founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos in about 55 Million dollars.

Then in 2002, IMDB starts paid subscription service for film industry professionals. With the help of this service actors, directors and related professionals can create its own page in IMDB and can upload their resume and personal information in it.

Now many filmmakers, film studios and normal users upload the information in it and IMDB first check the information then published it in live site.

Till now about 4.7 million titles (movies, games, shows), 8.3 million personalities and 83 million registered users information are published in it. Therefore it becomes the most vast and popular site to collect information about movies, TV shows and film industry professionals.


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