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You all get shocked to see the pictures of the actor with whom Katrina Kaif will tie the knot of marriage

katrina kaif

We all know about Katrina kaif very well. She is one of the favorite and largest earning actress of Bollywood. She is very beautiful and glamorous. She always remains discussing in media either for her movie or for her relationships.

If we talk about her staring career in Bollywood then it is same like that a struggler has. She gave her first debut in Bollywood through the movie Boom. It was super duper flop. No one thinks that she will become one of the favorite actress in Bollywood.

She was only 14 when she participates in a beauty contest in Hawaii. She wins that contest with her beauty. Due to her beauty she also gets many offers for modeling and she get her first work from a jewelers company.

But then she gave her debut in Bollywood which was not so good. But she did not give up because she has an option of modeling. He reason due to which no film maker wants to take her in their film was Hindi Language. She did not know how to speak in Hindi. But then Salman Kahn helps her to learn Hindi. And now you can see how better she can speak in Hindi.

She always remains discussing in media for her affairs with actors. Recently her relation with Ranbir Kapoor was discussing in media. But then news comes that she breaks up with him. After her break up Salman came in her life like a best friend.

She says about him that Salman is a best friend for her. He is like a guide for her. He plays a main role in her fantastic career. Her advice means lots for her. And he has a deep effect in her life.

They both are seen together man times in movies. Everyone likes to watch them together. And wants that they should get marry soon. Nowadays news is coming that she may marry with Salman soon. Now it is very interesting to see that she really marry with him or it is fake news.


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