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Everyone was watching the beauty of this actress in the stadium not the outstanding batting of Chris Gayle

poonam kaur

Nowadays the cricket lovers are busy in watching IPL. It is one of the most awaiting match of cricket. Everyone likes to watch it. No one miss any match of IPL. It is very normal that every year in many matches of IPL you can see the different reactions made by the audience. Recently this is happen in the match between Punjab and Hyderabad.

Punjab won the match with fifteen runs and Chris Gayle became the man of the match. He played awesome in the match. And he made the team win by making a fabulous century. It is very sad that this year no team is interested to buy him but in the end with the influence made by Sehwag Punjab team becomes ready to buy him.

The batting of Chris in this match is never forgetting. No one will forget his outstanding batting. But in the match it is seen that everyone is more interested in viewing the beauty of this actress in the match then Chris batting. The beauty of this actress makes the cameraman to look at her again and again.

This actor is Pooja Kaur. She is a south actress. She is very hot and gorgeous. That is why everyone is interested in watching her not the match. Her beauty also attracts the cameraman to focus on her. This is the reason why she was seeing in the screen again and again. She also likes IPL. So she comes to watch IPL.


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